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See You In Japan! by Michaelsety See You In Japan! by Michaelsety
Tomorrow is my great day and we will go to Japan for my holiday, but it also meeting My little Brother, Albert Setyawan and while having fun in Tokyo and Osaka. In this picture about we are ready to travel around Japan with weirdness and Funniness ( I honestly I cannot find An applejack with bag to say "see ya later!")

However, 5 years ago (In 2011), in the darkness holiday in Japan, I was going to Japan for the first time without reading the book for travel and an exiting to see so i can`t see Japan things and I have to sleep the night for the first time to visit Japan at 12:30 AM. After I woke up in the morning, i visit Asakuza and afraid to buy anything because they are too expensive and I only buy the drink on vending machines and visit Ueno Zoo. The next day, I visited Kyoto and Hiroshima to see the excited heritake but not with the weather. the weather is a little rain, Creepy Hiroshima museum, the night for the first visit Japan, Disney Land/ for a little time and tired during traveling, so I wasted my time in japan though. I have 5 day to visit Japan though...

But have no fear! I will be back to Japan for lighter and better. Thanks to RURUBU, I can understand to conquer the Tokyo but Osaka isn`t available yet... Ohhh well... I have to be careful. But luckily, My Felix`s Family can help me to find the way out.

Even I have to go tomorrow for holiday with my family to meet my 2nd brother who studied in japan, I apologized to all of you that it`s kind of jealous because i am cheerer to tell you :). Anyway, see you in Japan and don`t forget to pray us during plane so that we can be safe and never be happened happen to us...

My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic belongs to Hasbro and Lauren Faust
Applejack made by miketueur
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June 12, 2016
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