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Alas, Michaelsety is here, and tomorrow, i still draw it for you as well until i will be offline due vacation to France with my family on Tuesday. I downloaded again my Instagram and Deviantart for preparation and sometimes i disagree to Hasbro for chasing on Easter and Good Friday.

I cannot review on my deviantart because there is no computer or i won`t bring my laptop. i will use on my phone without Wi-Fi until there is Wi-Fi i know.

Soon, i will go to Singapore first, then in the night i will go to Paris. If there is something wrong to me, forgive me for that. I will travel to Singapore by flying with SilkAir. Then i will travel to Paris with Singapore Airline.

I`m sorry for sometime having trouble in my heart. It is happened when i started not interesting for me. There is nothing but love.

I started traveling to Singapore when i was a kid in 2000 with my mom or my family. Singapore is one of my favorite vacation. There was so fun that i can see like Singapore Zoo, Mini golf, traveling the knowledge and science too.

But now i grew up for many years, and i travel many countries like Thailand, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Australia, China, Taiwan, and even USA.

So right now, i`m preparing for the next day before i traveling to Europe.

Lucky for you, on Monday before i`m offline, i can draw it again until 11 April 2017. So this means this is the last time for drawing, so wish me luck in the Airplane.

On Tuesday, it is time to go. Thanks for viewing my art even there are few watchers and Favorite, So whatever.

Thanks for reading this, and pray for us so we will be able to fly and travel safely. Bye. :)
Today, as the time of Indonesia West time (WIB), The free commission is now over, and the paid can be seen on the description below:

1. 20 Points for Half/cut Body (But not with blood and guts, you freaking crep!)

2. 30 Points for full body 

3. 40 points for Half body with background

4. 50 points for full body with background

5. 75 points to make any nudes, but with bras and panties, not with NSFW. Sorry!

6. +15 points for addiction Equestria Girls dress.

7. +10 points for adding 1 character

Also, Rules you should know and you must be careful when you send me a commission

1. No blood and guts

2. No Politics, like Nazi, Communism, Republic, or any politics that you deserve me to make for speechless 

3. No Religions that you want to meet the god with racist things like Islamic, and Jewism. No body likes you when you talk about!

4. No NSFW, Just bra and panty, even my parents force me to remove Naked thing. There is no free in Indonesia.

5. No Horror, Creepypasta. Just like no.1. I used for everyone, and kids too

6. No Smoking, Alcohol, drugs, and Adult things please.

7. No Racist. Not all are whites, i also add some blacks and asians so be respectful.

8. And 1 last thing, Just in time, don`t kill me or force me to stop!

I hope you can ask me for what you want to make, and i`m sorry for asking you for points, because it`s everything you need to know about my future for good.

But the good news is, You`ll get 50% discount for 1 week before vacation day.

So If you have points enough, just ask me and i will make the human things.

Thanks you for asking for free and if you don`t, don`t worry, i will make a human randomly for day to day.

Your Friends and Watch,

Due No reason for no people around but my friends, i added 15 days before you have to pay with points.

After 20 march 2017, this paid is for people who need to ask within points

It will be 30 points per 1 person
It will be 20 points per 1 person with cut
It will be 10 per photografy

Thanks for reading.
Due Special days for Catholics, i will stop drawing on Wednesday and every Friday until good friday, but it doesn`t mean i`m retired to draw them.

Instead, I will draw for every good things like Twilight reads bible, Applejack brings cross, Fluttershy Talks to Jesus, Rainbow Dash dares against darkness, Pinkie Pie joys to them for the God, and Rarity wears good angle with Jesus.

So, It`s time to stop, but it doesn`t mean i give up, it`s about an Abstinence and, you know, fasting.

Due it`s light than hard, i will suggest to make it help the poorer than poor people, meditation, reading bible, focusing the light, and the forgiving.

Also, I will delete Instagram and Deviantart to avoid spoiler for MLP season 7 for release date and i will watch it on 15 April 2017 in Italy (If there is Wi-fi.

Oh, BTW, It`s good news to people who live in Europe. I will go to Europe on 12 or 13 April 2017 after Singapura (Well actually, It`s Singapura not Singapore). I will land to France to meet the people who being Bronies and Pegasisters if it`s necessary or anything.

But the bad news is, Excepting Spain, Greet, Belgia, Russia and anywhere, i will go to focusly England, France, Germany, Italy, Vatican and Netherlands due costly and time. 

So That`s it, guys. If you think you want to do with me, tell me in the comment section below, and don`t forget to watch me if you`re excited to see my art as well. I am not cocky, but i just want to ask will you be my watcher? Lol. So yeah Thanks for reading and Good luck in Ash Wednesday and 7 Friday of Abstinence! :)
Thank you for giving me 80 Llamas for hard working with love and tolerance, but sometimes my job is finishing, Being rest for energy, a bit of lazy, and Going to everywhere.

Now, Where going to get target to 100 Llama for 6 mounts (or less for 3 stars) or longer for 2 star or 12 mounts for 1 star.
Have you ever imagine that season 5 and Season 6 are after good Friday? Now, season 7 will be like season 5 and 6 and it will be on April, 15th 2017!
Today, I will explain those face aren`t made by me, but owners.

Some faces i took from Pony Vectors and i started made it from faces to Human`s body as Trinityinyang did.

And, some faces are actually from vectors, but next time, i will credit to owner`s name for permission.

I`m very sorry for stealing yours, but it`s way to tell the truth and i never surrender or retire for Trinityinyang`s future and my future.

Next time, I will credit to people. I don`t evenly know for something, unless from Screenshot.
Today, I buy some points for others, but i cannot buy them because some errors are confusing.

There was an error in your submission.
  • We're sorry. We were unable to process your payment. Please review the list of possible reasons below.
    • The billing street address does not match the bank's records
    • The billing zip code does not match the bank's records
    • The order has been flagged as possibly fraudulent for your protection
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    • The Security Code does not match the bank's records for this account
But, any websites sometime accept my credit card for good. My phone, Roblox, and donating work.

Deviantart of itself must check manually for my card, What is wrong with my card?

Soon i won`t buy any points if DA never do it for my card...

P.S. Sorry is not excused.
  • Listening to: Spacesynth
  • Reading: an error...
  • Eating: Chocolate
  • Drinking: some coffee
Due Busy mind and explaining, This day is delayed for a while. today, i am making for birthday within process but I never show you my stuff for today. This time is making for their birthday for writing their comments. 

Luckily for you, Your commissions are accepted, so i will make them tomorrow. :)

Anyway, if you have a note for your commission to make a wish, please write the note and i will draw it for the future. otherwise, i will get bored for this...
Untuk melihat gambaran saya, klik disini: Felling Youth (From MLP S6 E7, Humanized)

Selama Hari ini Hari Sumpah Pemuda, Kita semua berjuang lebih dari zaman dulu, Sehingga kita bisa buat animasi untuk masa depan Bangsa ini. Secara berikut, kita punya hal-hal yang unik tentang Apakah Sumpah muda dari saya sendiri:

Today is Youth Pledge, witch it`s time to all of us to move forward from the past, so we can now created animated for the future of this Nation.
Now, We have some unique about what is Youth Pledge?

Tunjukan Prestasimu: Baik membuat kreasimu, bekerja, maupun membantu mereka Untuk Indonesia dan Dunia, seperti gambaran beranimasi saya tentang berbelanja masa depan di Indonesia. Saat ini, Indonesia sedang berkurang berkreasi dan Berkerja, baik animasi, ekonomi, berorah-raga, maupun mencetak buku untuk membuat Indonesia maju.

both making Creation, working, or helping each others for Indonesia and the world, just like my animated Image about Shopping In Indonesia`s Future. Right now, This Image is just as dream, and Indonesia is losing Creation and some working, neither Animation, economi, sport, or writer, witch they make Indonesia move forward

Wisdom: Show your Good reason what did you do with honest"

Kobarkan Semangatmu: Semangat adalah perpatah tulang saat kita harus menyelesaikan, baik tugas, Kerja, membantu teman, bergotong royong, maupun berkreasi. Janganlah takut untuk memiliki KEKUATAN dan janganlah berputus asa agar kita bisa memcipta jadi realitas. Jadi, nyalakan api untuk Indonesia yang lebih baik! :)

Spirit/Passion is (like) bone breakers when we get to work until it`s done, both working, helping your friends, together, or creation. So don`t be afraid to get the power and never give up on you dream, so you can make it real. For now on, let your fire burn for Indonesia better! :)

Wisdom: "The Force is Strong to the Jedi/Human being who has the power to combine within love together"

Raih Prestasimu: Kita semua punya mimpi apa yang kita harus melakukan untuk realitas seperti mereka, namun jangan takut salah atau jelek karena kamu hanya coba. seperti gambaran ini, Meskipun saya buat seperti Trinityinyang, namun tidak sesuai mimpi saya, namun ini hanya dalam proses.

We all have dreams about what do we have to do it to make it come true like them, but don`t scare to make a mistake or pretty darn bad, it`s because you tried to do your best. Just like this Image, Even i made it just like Trinityinyang did, but not as same as my dream, but it`s in process.

Wisdom:"Dream is the only way to make a real for your place"

Jadi, Meskipun saya orang berbeda dari Orang Indonesia, kita sekarang sudah bersatu dalam negara kita. baik agama, kulit, gaya, maupun tempat tinggal, sudah menjadi satu dalam negara. 

Ingat, Satu Nusa, Satu bangsa, Satu bahasa kita, yaitu bahasa Indonesia

So, even i am different from Indonesia, we`re all become united in one nation, both religions, skins, styles, or lives, already become union in this country.
Today, due lots of spoilers about MLP Season 6 finale, I had to watch it until the end. The result is not shown yet, but I'm pretty sure you can watch them at Dailymotion instead of YouTube. You will be spoiled if you want to show my review or anything. So yeah, wait or not, you must do it before it's too late. Saturday or early, it's up to you.

I will give you my review at sunday. With awesome story and both episode, I will make them from tomorrow.

Remember, watch them at Dailymotion.

Oh yeah! From my wisdom, but it contains spoiler from eposode:
"Heroes comes from bad people, but not harm to other people."

See you in sunday!
So, I have other ideas for meme and Non-MLP to use my creation from my phone.

I got 4 cards from Deckstorm, Fire, Water, Earth, and Natural

Don't worry. It doesn't mean I stop making drawing MLP. I just want to create another meme for everyone. Coming soon for other meme, and MLP S6 E24, 25, and 26.😉
Wow! I reached 3000 faves within less than 1 year! Your paints, your drawings, and non MLP are great even there is traditional drawings, which it's OK.

For the first time since Pray The Paris/France. I signed up for supporting the country with MLP and the France's flag. Then, my first fave is Vector #82-Applejack from DashieSparkle, second fave is International Forum from burningmonk, and third fave is Rainbow Power Applejack (commission) from xebck.

I continually making Photoshop until completely mane six and France flag, then I created Looking Moon, vectors, photography and edition.

The newest faves, until now, are the 2998th fave is Pie hug from @SliverMapWolf, 2999th fave is [URGENT] Get Well Soon Midnight-Star234 from @ShultterflyEQD, and the last but not least is 3000th fave, is Gabby Hugs the CNC from Jeatz-Axi. All image faves are great but with NSFW.

Anyway, I can draw every Monday to Friday, and review every Sunday, while Saturday is offline. I really love your galleries, but I have to move them to other folders after the end of MLP Season 6. So yeah, without favourite, I cannot see your image again or even forgot. So, to the next future, I will create MLP EQG with Trinityinyang to Hasbro for respecting each other. Don't worry, I can change their skins whatever you want, just say it.

So thanks for your arts so I reach 3000th art of favorite
Tiga Dara is Indonesian Movie from 1956 during Djakarta is invected by Neiderland. this movie is 60 years old and it`s now fixed during restoration in just 8 mounts, so the movie is kept as the old movie saviors from SA-Films.

However, The movie is still Classic even what the people said, but actually, it is not what we like to watch the fixed classic film. Although, they just make it for themselves, Tiga Dara is NOT Classic anymore. It`s restoration classic films with some modern machines and fixing like a Frankenstein monster. And of course, The first Generation is now modern-classic movie with the following "Ini Kisah Tiga Dara"
Just don't watch this video! It contains spoiler alert between singing Rarity and Pinkie Pie, before it cuts down. You'll be jealous to watch this as well!
I saw the Equestria Girls is now became powerful than us. MLP Humanized is now extinction for brainwashing them. now, the Equestria Girls fans are still on to conquer us now...  Please, do something, especially Applejack's Day Off and don't let them losing you!

Right now, the future is even darker for making Humanized with normal skins! We are losing it for real...
The episode of Applejack`s day off will be aired tomorrow after trailer, one of my favorite episode yet. However I found the words from and Trailer that the story is confirmed to make applejack`s big tears and making big trouble for Applejack

"While Rarity structure to get Applejack to relax at the spa, Twilight and Spike find covering her simple farm chores to be a more difficult job than they anticipated" Discovery Family Channel.

Back to season 5, applejack has many tears from episode to episode, witch she supposed to have a big tears, nut she is mature to cry in tears, But she has weakness like looking Applebloom and broken heart. Applejack`s tears are also handled in season to season as weapons. In fact, not only because she is the "Cowgirl-Don`t-Cry" , but also something happen in hidden truth for the future.

Applejack`s "Day" Off is the episode of "Getting tears for Applejack", either real or not, this episode has the meaning.

I watchd the trailer yesterday, when Applejack shows them about Pinkie Pie, Applejack`s gone crazy and dance like a chicken.

I sometimes think about planet. Applejack is as The earth, if the earth is hit, applejack will be crying. If the earth is destroyed, applejack is finally crying with big tears.
Today is my birthday of 22nd years old, usually birthday because I am growing up. Happiness for adults are less than Children even I must know about it. However,10 years ago, when my birthday is hit by earthquake, I have to stay outside our home to sleep after the earthquake is over (12 years old). Which means, actually, my birthday was my biggest gift from the God!

Real Fact: The biggest earthquake is Valencia, Southern Chile, with a magnitude of 9.5 in 1960

Back to 27 May 2006, the earthquake was the first time in Jogjakarta, The Special City, Start at 5:55 A.M with a magnitude of 5.9. I woke up in the morning shockly during earthquake was happened. Luckily, my family survive even I never see the dead people near my home, but some people got injury even deaths. The neighborhoods escape from homes within less than 1 minute.

But let`s talk about theory, my old friends said, it was a big gift rom the God. Not only I am a bully to old friends like Yoel and Roberto, but also how the world is shaking for changing the future.

I remember from newspapers so I should remember them. The earthquake world change from old city to the great city by God and builders. Just like Fukushima and Tokyo, after the earthquake comes from the God, they have to build from the old city to the great city and even the Tokyo Skytree town! The nuclear treatment for Fukushima is over!

Even Jogjakarta was broken and damaged 10 years ago, try to see Jogjakarta this year, The buildings are now getting better than before and home for people.

How about my birthday? well, my birthday is just only myself. Just like giving gifts from my friends, singing happy birthday, make a wish, cutting cake, taking photo, and having feast.

Well, what do you think? does your birthday makes your heart happy or the earthquake is even better?

P.S. Even this theory is non brony and pegasister, you can visit to my page to see the Bronies-Pegasisters things. I usually love children too even they are cute.

P.S.S my phone sucks even I tried...
Wow! I am shocked to watch the tv and suddenly, it is My Little Pony season 3 episode 5 on Global TV on 7.20AM. That means, it will be aired on Thursday to Friday for random episode, and Saturday and Sunday for following episodes in season 1
the Season 6 episode 9 will be aired in 3 days or 2 days as a premier. But Rarity`s tears are still black. so, be patient.