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Making Glasses, photo, magnet, or what?
this commission is about Making things, like Glasses, Photo, Magnet, and So On.

Just ask me like:
-I Hate Monday
-Get A Job
-Be The Best Of You Life
-Don`t Forget to Buy Some Egg
-Be Yourself
-And even like this: You stink! or Sorry, This day is not your day.

Most importain: Ask me your ADDRESS and phone number.

This is more expensive than what i drew them in computer, because within in process, i must ask their shops, making mug, glasses, photo, etc, and sending your address.

Notes: Report if you find the damage things. Don`t report me.
-Please give me some words without Profanity.
-Pictures are coming soon
Tolerance to Equestria Girls. Humanized with Equestria Girls
This Commission is about Humanized with Equestria Girls.

You can ask me, what do they do? Shaking their hands, playing, working, or any idea?

-Please do not Force me to make it violence, like Equestria Girl kills Humanized or Erasing them.
-I only accept your behavior by respecting and Tolerance with love.
-This commission is with Colored Human and Humanized Ponies`s skinned Human.
Humanized with Background
This commission is about Humanized with Background
Half-bodied Humanized with background
This commission is about Half-bodied with Background
Humanized MLP
This Commission is about Humanized, where you can create whatever you want to do like them. Fan mades, Dresses, Entertain, Your ideas and even what if the body-self taste like.

This is still free until March 2017 and soon be cost while making randomness humanized from anything.

-If you want to make Humanized but with NSFW, ask me on notes.

-Violence is not tolerance

-Traditional from National is accept, but from Communist nations are not accepted

-No zombies, No monster, No deadly dress, no smoking and drinking please

-No adulthood. Only teenagers side.

-I don`t accept EQG skins. Skins are all human`s

-And once again... Give them candy or something else.
Half-bodied Humanized
This commission is about Humanized ponies but with cut bodies.

Just the same as humanized, you can just ask me what do you want but without Legs, Arms, or even Head.... This commission is cut half price.
MLP Comic
This commission is about MLP Comic, where you can tell me about your stories, but with Screenshots and ponies, then i add bubbles, for about 20 points

-Violence and sexually are not accepted
-Rude language or Profanity is not tolerance.
-only MLP FIM Season 1 to 6
-Mixing is good! you can be creation what you want from season 1 to 6, and episode 1 to 26.
-You must respect to words that there is no profanity in the comic.
-Creepypasta is not tolerance
Photoshop with Pony
This commission is about Photoshop, where you can put with your Favorite pony (Or more than 1), for about 10 points


Michaelsety's Profile Picture
Michael setyawan
Welcome to Michaelsety, Where you can find your favorite Humanized Ponies, photoshop, comic, meme, and etc.

Today, i change to normal stories because it`s only the truth about Indonesia.

If you don`t familiar about this, Michaelsety was born in North Jakarta, Indonesia. He is a photoshopper, photografer, and drawer, but also as Reviewer.

He is drawing with Trinityinyang`s humanized ponies that he never draw them again as retirement. So he kept his arts and studies. Then, he created with Inkscape. Finally, the humanized ponies are done by his good time with heart, but not-so-good as he drew.

If you want to know about Indonesia, Indonesia is the South East Asia and with the most Islams in the world. I also like Daging Rendang, Soto, Babi Pangang, Nasi Campur, Pork Ribs, etc (Keep it mind, Not only all are Islams, but any Indonesians are also Christians, Catholic (my Religion), Buddha, Hindu, Confusious, and very few other religion)

Indonesia is also rich of temple and Forest, with growing Economy for people who work for Indonesia.

Good for you who need to know about Indonesia, but that`s all for now.

My Languages are:
Alas, Michaelsety is here, and tomorrow, i still draw it for you as well until i will be offline due vacation to France with my family on Tuesday. I downloaded again my Instagram and Deviantart for preparation and sometimes i disagree to Hasbro for chasing on Easter and Good Friday.

I cannot review on my deviantart because there is no computer or i won`t bring my laptop. i will use on my phone without Wi-Fi until there is Wi-Fi i know.

Soon, i will go to Singapore first, then in the night i will go to Paris. If there is something wrong to me, forgive me for that. I will travel to Singapore by flying with SilkAir. Then i will travel to Paris with Singapore Airline.

I`m sorry for sometime having trouble in my heart. It is happened when i started not interesting for me. There is nothing but love.

I started traveling to Singapore when i was a kid in 2000 with my mom or my family. Singapore is one of my favorite vacation. There was so fun that i can see like Singapore Zoo, Mini golf, traveling the knowledge and science too.

But now i grew up for many years, and i travel many countries like Thailand, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Australia, China, Taiwan, and even USA.

So right now, i`m preparing for the next day before i traveling to Europe.

Lucky for you, on Monday before i`m offline, i can draw it again until 11 April 2017. So this means this is the last time for drawing, so wish me luck in the Airplane.

On Tuesday, it is time to go. Thanks for viewing my art even there are few watchers and Favorite, So whatever.

Thanks for reading this, and pray for us so we will be able to fly and travel safely. Bye. :)


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Points are options. Helping will be as useful people.

This is my first Donate Point. At least 50 points is enough.

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